StuffedWing’s rebranding as StuffedWinglab

Our Story Continues at StuffedWingLab @Tang Tea House

More than the Best Boneless Wing in the World
It has been a year since we opened our humble take-away store at Tampines mall. We have never stopped learning and reinventing our award-winning StuffedWings (voted TOP 10 East Zone SPH Foodmasters Award 2018). With customer feedback as our mission forefront, we have tirelessly pushed the boundaries of conventional textures and flavours to achieve a new StuffedWing that we are truly proud of.
We have revamped our wings starting with our best sellers - the Cheesy and Curry wings. At our mission forefront, we value customer’s feedback greatly, and have split the boneless stuffed wing into the midwing with tip and drumette as lollipop for maximum enjoyment. We truly hope you enjoy our new wings.
We are now relocated to Tang Tea House in Bedok, to continue innovating and making our food ideas and dreams come to life. Our new food shop is aptly named StuffedWingLab, a testament to our never-ending drive to innovate and experiment with food.
We are delving into a new area of expertise - STEAKS. Our StuffedWingLab kitchen is helmed by two of the very best Grill Masters, with almost 30 years of butchery experience with the passion of cooking steaks to perfection.
We aim to deliver high quality cuts of beef with best value in Singapore, such as the succulent juicy Ribeye and even the legendary Tomahawk steaks, cooked to absolute perfection in a casual dining setting.
Our pursuit for food creativity can be seen in our new Rendang Bolognese, Seafood Chili Crab Pasta, unique Burgers, and to-die-for desserts with highest quality Mao Shang Wang (MSW) puree durian pockets and MSW Durian puree crispy Belgian waffles.
At our new space, StuffedWingLab will offer Pasta, Burgers, Mains, Appetisers, and Desserts. We strive to make sure that there is something for everyone, and that customers find comfort in our food here.
We can’t wait for you guys to try our new offerings. See you guys soon!